the works

Il migliore e l’Ultimo

Type: romanzo
Language: italiano
Year: 1946
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze


From "Tutta la Verità", pp. 85/86.

“…In September1943, helped by the Ginn who was then a little and brave warrior, I got him out of the Turin barracks surrounded by the German troops after the armistice between the royal Italian government ( in the South) and the Allies. Tullio, an artillery sub-lieutenant like me, and I also got out a colleague that in some of my books I call Leo, a sturdy and quiet boy from the Veneto countryside (who also didn’t know where to put himself). Surprisingly enough, the nervous and oversensitive being that I am, helped by a few saints and probably by the Ginn, saved the lives of the three of us. And I led “us”, almost always on foot and through a thousand traps, all the way to the province of Arezzo, where Tullio had a family and a vast estates. These were not technically his because the real owner, his uncle, without children, was agonizing because of a cancer but hadn’t closed his eyes yet. I remember him, dazed and moaning, on an old armchair in front of the rustic houses surrounded by the mountains. He had the dubious joy of seeing the crown prince once more before ending to die. I told this in Il Migliore e l’Ultimo, my first book, where I did not lie, I did not even exaggerate, since reality turned out to be much more fictional than any effort of imagination whatsoever. At the most I awkwardly dramatized what was in itself the essence of the drama.


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