the works

Manuel le Mexicain

Type: roman
Language: francés
Year: 1956
Publisher: Plon
Collection: Feux Croisés
Place: París


From the cover of the Plon edition, 1956

In the Mexican village of Tlaltenalco, near the capital, the custom is to celebrate the Passion through a faithful reconstruction. One year, a boy dressed in white asks to play the role of Christ. At first feted for coming to the aid of a child of the “pueblo”, suddenly he sees the crowd rise up against him, for the young girl now accuses him to be her aggressor. Scorned , beaten, he will be hoisted up on the cross.
Is he guilty or the accusation serves as a pretext for justifying the execution of a rite of barbaric verism? Of this morbid violence, Carlo Coccioli sees the source in the survival of Indian rites inside the Catholicism imposed by Cortés and his conquistadores. In Manuel, the crucified boy, past and present, finally reconciled, are embodied. His character is a reflection of modern Mexico, the cruel heir of Aztec time, of which Carlo Coccioli renders, through the mystical adventure of Manuel the Tepoztec saviour, a poetic and very strong evocation.


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Manuel il Messicano - 1957

Language: italiano
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze
Comments: sopraccoperta Giunio Gatti

Manuel le Mexicain - 1957

Language: francés
Publisher: Club des Libraires de France
Place: París
Comments: maquette de Pierre Faucheux

Manuel el Mexicano - 1957

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Blanca Chacel del francés

Manuel der Mexikaner

Language: alemán
Publisher: Limes Verlag
Place: Wiesdaben
Translator: Von Karl Rauch

Manuel the Mexican - 1958

Language: inglés
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Place: New York
Translator: Hans Koningsberger

Manuel le Mexicain - 1966

Language: francés
Publisher: Le livre de Poche
Place: París

Manuel el Mexicano - 1972

Language: español
Publisher: Diana
Place: México
Translator: Blanca Chacel del francés
Comments: con nota del autor

Manuel il Messicano - 1976

Language: italiano
Publisher: Rusconi
Collection: Biblioteca Rusconi
Place: Milano