the works

Journal (... - 1956)

Language: francés
Year: 1957
Publisher: Table Ronde
Place: París


Of all contemporary novelists, Carlo Coccioli is the one whose intimate Journal is the most anxiously awaited. His novels, in fact, are not only entirely determined and closed works: behind them, there stands a man, with his tics, his passions, his secrets, his partis pris, his enthousiasm. Excellent novels could have been born of unknown father; those of Carlo Coccioli assert the presence of an author, the presence of a man. None of those who have been moved, or simply interested, by L'image et les saisons, Manuel the Mexican, Fabrizio Lupo, will remain indifferent to this journal, whose epigraph could be this confidence from Coccioli: «Is it necessary that an intimate journal should walk along a path marked out by dates and place names? Those who believe that time and space are concrete and specific realities will answer yes: as for me, I ceased to believe it, I just believe my heart. "Obviously, it is very easy to link these words to those, very famous, by Jean Cocteau: "Play heart and you will win." Coccioli’s Journal is already an indispensable document for all who are interested in art of the author, and also a capital testimony about the art of the novelist and the difficulty of writing.


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Mi diario (... - 1956) - 1961

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Miguel Rodríguez Puga del frances