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Omeyotl, diario messicano

Language: italiano
Year: 1962
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze
Comments: incisiones de JG Posada e altri


From the dust jacket of the Vallecchi edition, 1962.

“The benevolent reader shall not give more importance to this book than that which, with unusual modesty, his author gives it.” So says Carlo Coccioli in the foreword to this Mexican Journal that collects most of his writings about Mexico: “a country of this world where, although I feel in exile everywhere, I found a second homeland.” It is, therefore, a book which is rather different, in nature, from Coccioli’s novels: a book born on newspapers, made of journalistic articles (although the author, as usual, has largely corrected them, even on the last proofs, driving printers mad). A book that presents a Coccioli who was able to gain, from the third page of La Nazione, La Gazzetta del Popolo, Il Mattino and now Il Corriere della Sera, an extremely sensible and attentive public to his literary articles, which are perhaps not very conformist but full of life, intelligence, sincerity. Coccioli, whether certain critics want it or not, is a born writer, with an exuberant wealth of moods, affections, qualities: and this book –whose title repeats the name of an ancient and strange Aztec deity- is a renewed (and different) occasion to recognize it. Many engravings by the great Guadalupe Posada, and by other more recent Mexican artists, enrich and comment on the text.


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Journal Mexicain - 1966

Language: francés
Publisher: Plon
Place: París
Translator: Louis Bonalumi del Italiano
Comments: Avant-propos de l’Auteur

Omeyotl - 2012

Language: italiano
Publisher: Piccolo Karma Edizioni
Place: Milano