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Les cordes de la harpe

Type: roman
Language: francés
Year: 1967
Publisher: Stock
Place: París


from the jacket of the Mexican edition, 1968

Of what nature is the intimate relationship since ever and forever binding Fabrizio and Letizia, making Fabrizio the shadow of Letizia, and giving the two of them the same breath? Letizia leaves Fabrizio to marry Ramòn and follow him to Mexico: and Fabrizio immediately turns into a soul-less being, in a zombie. But Letizia, alongside Fabrizio, will soon undergo the same fate: so that she abandons her husband and calls Fabrizio. The latter, called by Letizia, goes and meet his soul: he runs to Mexico, and whom but a zombie does he find? So he tries, in vain, to give a soul to Letizia another time, untill , on a Carnival night, in Mazatlàn, a boy steps in...Here begins, for these two beings forming a single one, a journey through a Latin America that is enchants and disgusts: amidst what dangerous experiences? To the borderline of what forbidden regions?
Of all Carlo Coccioli’s novels, this is perhaps the most risqué. Pornography? It is considered pornographic by those who have a taste for the obscene. In fact, Le corde dell’arpa, is another thing: it is the marvellous, both poetic and sensual, and psychologically perfect, of the ancient myth of the androgynous. The European press, in exalting the work’s literary qualities, writes that it initiates a “new genre”, for which a name is been sought.


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Le corde dell’arpa - 1967

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Publisher: Longanesi e C
Place: Milano

Las cuerdas del arpa - 1968

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Miguel Rodríguez Puga del frances

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