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Documento 127

Language: italiano
Year: 1970
Publisher: Club degli Autori
Place: Firenze
Comments: premio Portico d’Ottavia 1971


From the jacket of the Erasmo edition, 2009.

“...But I was hungry and thirsty for miracles, and still I am. Who can deny that?: the world is all seething with miracles; the trouble is that too often we do not.
To perceive the miracle, to feel its true value, you need to breath a certain air: I mean that, in a certain dimension of time, the miracle is more easily be perceived. And the miracles I aspire to may very well be not nature’s prodigies: it does not interest me so much that a hunchback man gets his hunch disappeared, but rather that in me, all of a sudden, a state of being is replaced by another state of being, more saintly. That it is like a window that we open, because, since it is suffocating, we want fresh air; like a pitiful cry when, in the empty silence, a voice is awaited.”

“Documento 127 is not just a passional, sincere, sometimes almost exuberant autobiography. It is also a concerned apology of Hebraism. It is, even before that, the minutes of a path of experiences and knowledge which is able to illuminate their reader- whether or not the latter is far from or near to the Hebrew condition.”
From Elena Loewenthal’s preface to the book.


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He encontrado al Dios de Israel - 1970

Language: español
Publisher: Málaga
Collection: Málaga
Place: México
Translator: Ramón Palazón del italiano
Comments: con ayuda de CC

Le tourment de Dieu - 1971

Language: francés
Publisher: Fayard
Place: París

Documento 127 - 2010

Language: Italiano
Publisher: Erasmo
Place: Livorno
Comments: Introduzione di Elena Loewenthal