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Hommes en fuite

Type: roman
Language: francés
Year: 1972
Publisher: Fayard
Place: París
Comments: la grande aventure des Alcooliques Anonymes


From the dust jacket of the Jaca book edition, 1989

This book had its first Italian edition in 1973 and was written by the author - so it is mentioned in the appendix - as a “thanksgiving for having lived, in a person who was dear to him, one of the infinite miracles of “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

The groups that bear this name were born in America around the middle of the Thirties with the purpose of helping men and women stuck in the horror of alcoholism to reconcile with life. Since then they spread all over the world and also in Italy: their great adventure and the constant struggle against dependence on alcohol transformed the existence of thousands of people. This book is a document of driving incisiveness, populated by palpably realistic characters, imbued with questions that belong to everybody and, in the drama of alcoholism, get embodied in an obsessive escape, but most of all this book has been and will be for many people an instruction manual for hope. It does not only describe the complex mechanisms of rehabilitation, which makes it irreplaceable for physicians and social workers, but it can also be a proposition and a testimony directed to the heart of personality in an involving and respectful way.


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Hombres en fuga - 1972

Language: español
Publisher: Diana
Place: México
Translator: Ramón Palazón del italiano
Comments: revisiòn de CC

Uomini in fuga - 1973

Language: italiano
Publisher: Rizzoli
Place: Milano

Uomini in fuga - 1989

Language: italiano
Publisher: Jaca Book
Place: Milano
Comments: appendice: breve storia di AA in Italia

Hombres en fuga - 1998

Language: español
Publisher: Edivisión bolsilibro
Place: México

Uomini in fuga - 1998

Language: italiano
Publisher: Guerini e Associati
Place: Milano
Comments: con Appendice su storia di AA italiana

Uomini in fuga - 2012

Language: italiano
Publisher: Piccolo Karma Edizioni
Place: Milano