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Type: romanzo
Language: italiano
Year: 1976
Publisher: Rusconi
Place: Milano
Comments: màs tarde una ediciòn con variantes


From the cover of the Sironi edition, 2009

King David, old and bedridden, foresees the end of his days: beside him, to warm his now weak body, lies a slave girl; outside the room court intrigues for succession to the throne are going on. The king addresses God and retraces, with Him and in front of Him, all of his long and adventurous life.
With Him and in front of Him: for David was the first man not to be afraid of standing in front of God, calling Him by first name. And he was the first man who dared love God: with an impassionate, sensual, exhilarating love; so as , with an impassionate, sensual, exhilarating love, he had loved his people, his women, his fraternal friend, Jonah, his rebel son, Absalom. A love that did not prevent him – by excess of passion, of sensuality and exhilaration- from sinning and being chastised. Without ceasing to love.
This is, and not else, Carlo Coccioli’s David : a great story of love and sin, of obedience and desire, of closeness and distance from the Divine. And it is surprising how Coccioli, almost becoming incarnated in David, was able to offer an absorbing “autobiography” of the greatest king of Israel. In this novel, fidelity to the biblical text and narrative invention admirably interweave, producing a truer than true account, worth comparing – by historical richness and spiritual depth - to Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian.


Davide, first pages. Translation by Margherita Bignardi (65.39 Kb)

Mémories du roi David - 1976

Language: francés
Publisher: Table de Ronde
Place: París
Comments: más tarde una ediciòn con variantes

David - 1978

Language: español
Publisher: Planeta
Collection: Narrativa /1
Place: Barcelona
Translator: Javier Albiñana del francés

Pamietniki Króla Dawida - 1980

Language: Polonia
Publisher: Instytut Wydawniczy Pax
Place: Warszawa
Translator: Adam Szymanowski

Mémories du roi David

Language: francés
Publisher: Le livre de Poche
Place: París
Comments: depot legal 1979

Davide - 1989

Language: italiano
Publisher: Mondadori
Place: Milano
Comments: introduzione di Domenico Porzio

Davide - 2009

Language: italiano
Publisher: Sironi
Place: Milano
Comments: Introduzione di Giulio Mozzi

Davide - 2012

Language: italiano
Publisher: Piccolo Karma Edizioni
Place: Milano