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La Piccola Valle di Dio

Type: romanzo
Language: italiano
Year: 1948
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze


From the jacket of the Simon and Schuster, 1957

This is the story of what happens one summer to a priest his flock - the rich and the poor, the worldly and the saintly – who live in a beautiful corner of the Italian countryside known as the Little Valley of God.
Don Marcello, the priest, likes to imagine that if God decided to pay a visit to the earth, He might well choose to walk the sunny fields and the stony paths of the valley named after Him. When a handsome young stranger named Emanuele arrives mysteriously in the valley, and when Emanuele gives every indication of possessing the power to work miracles, Don Marcello is not too surprised.
Emanuele is needed, for there is discord in the usually calm and happy countryside. Don Gastone, the rich landowner, is at odds with his tenants and there seems to be no way of avoiding serious trouble.
The nice young writer from the city whose unrequited love is one the main strands of the story despairs of ever thawing the coldness of the girl he adores, and resorts to black magic to win her.
The priest himself is puffed up with pride over his newly printed Essay on the Roman Origins of the Church of San Sebastiano and finds himself behaving like a Tyrant to those whose souls are in his care.
The little valley of God tells how the presence of the stranger Emanuele brings peace and happiness back to these people and to their neighbours – to the brave old Marchesa, the dying bishop, the young lovers, he peasants, the proud landowners, even to Maddalena, the gentle prostitute of the valley. It is a story told with warmth, humour, and reverence. It is a delight to read.


The Little Valley of God, first pages (43.31 Kb)

La Petite Vallée du Bon Dieu - 1949

Language: francés
Publisher: Triolet
Place: París
Translator: Henriette de Ganay del Italiano
Comments: Avertissement de l’Auteur

Het Kleine Dal Gods

Language: Holanda
Publisher: H.J. Becht
Place: Amsterdam
Translator: Herman van der Bergh del Italiano

La Petite Vallée du Bon Dieu - 1954

Language: francés
Publisher: Du Rocher
Collection: les Palmes
Place: Monaco
Translator: Herman van der Bergh del Italiano
Comments: préface de l’Auteur

The Little Valley of God - 1956

Language: inglés
Publisher: W Heinemann
Place: London, Melbourne, Toronto
Translator: Campbell Nairne
Comments: Wrapper desing by Antony Lake

El Valle de Dios - 1956

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Blanca Chacel del francés
Comments: prólogo del autor

The Little Valley of God - 1957

Language: inglés
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Place: New York
Translator: Campbell Nairne del Italiano
Comments: Jacket by Sam Fischer

O Vale de Deus

Language: portugues
Publisher: Livros do Brasil
Collection: Miniatura
Place: Lisboa
Translator: Paulo António
Comments: prefácio do Autor