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La casa di Tacubaya

Type: romanzo
Language: italiano
Year: 1982
Publisher: Editoriale Nuova
Place: Milano
Comments: Destruido. Sobre Devotos de Krishna


From the jacket of the Editoriale Nuova edition, 1982

A tormented religious path through Catholicism, Hebraism and now Hinduism is the thin line that runs in the pages of this narrative monologue, scanned into verses: a spiritual autobiography that is also a revisitation of the family’s “dear memories” against the backdrop of the Mexican megalopolis, where the writer has lived for decades. The “Casa di Tacubaya” is the Hare Krishna centre in Mexico City, at which the protagonist arrives after reading a booklet that a group of shaved-headed young people in oriental saffron-coloured cloths sold to him at a street corner. And here, at last, he finds the answer to a question that has been distressingly accompanying him his “Search”: how can the pain that strikes also innocent beings be conciliated with God’s infinite goodness? In an excited writing, accumulating self-analysis and meditation, theological reflexion and mystic illumination, daily chronicle and re-evocation of regained time, Coccioli desperately tries to penetrates Mystery’s territories, joining the East and the West, Monotheism and Polytheism, embracing the spokes of the Great Wheel, that all converge into the unmoving and unifying centre. La Casa di Tacubaya, which is unique in our literary panorama, becomes a Novel of Knowledge in our post-modern time.


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