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Rapato a zero

Language: italiano
Year: 1986
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze


From the jacket of the Vallecchi edition, 1986

This Carlo Coccioli’s book would have been called, in past times, when less skeleton was the value of words, a collection of morality; in the sense that the writings which compose it are all brought back to a search for the values of being within the most usual and current situations, along the normal stream of life and time.
But morality is a word that may cause some fear, or induce a sense of boredom in those who look for pleasant reading or even fun in prose: and so we say that these writings are highly enjoyable, they are presented as quick sketches in which, by a touch of pen, our everyday characters live, our sensations, lightened and smoothed out by the most possible limpid writing, heir to a great tradition that dates back to Papini.
So that “morality” is, in the end, a story, within which to compare the thoughts that the practice of life arouses, with what Coccioli draws from it trough his penetrating as well as graceful and persuasive reflection.


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Rapato a zero - 2013

Language: italiano
Publisher: Piccolo Karma Edizioni
Place: Milano