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Tutta la verità

Type: convesazioni
Language: italiano
Year: 1995
Publisher: Rusconi
Place: Milano
Comments: 18 conversazioni con Grabriele Abramson


From the jacket of the Rusconi edition, 1995

The protest of the famous Encyclopedist: “God! Why I am I?” could be the war cry and the summary of this book. With the truth Coccioli tackles the “Coccioli case” which from time to time reappears in Italy since the post war period. He speaks eighteen times with Gabriel Abramson: himself from a Jewish and Latin-American viewpoint? Good show, then, of schizophrenia. There is everything: homosexuality with its strange powers ( in the words of a Sioux poet); the Resistance, true or fake; greedy Italy dominated by Moravia; the flight to Paris where a howling success turns him into a French writer, the discovery of the immense agony of the innocents’ pain, that is compassion. All the details of an amour fou following an ambiguous and vile Image ; the clairvoyants who drive him on to Canada; the literary “suicide” in Mexico in 1953; the “decent” French literary society, versus the Latin-American chimeras with their pseudo-geniuses. Hails of poetry. Parallel or, rather, interpenetrating worlds. A mad search for the Absolute; a religious path made not of one religion after another, but of an accumulation of religions. It is the great vision of an ultimate and sublime Unified Field: maybe God...


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¿Por qué yo soy yo ? - 1995

Language: español
Publisher: Diana
Place: México
Comments: 18 conversaciones con Gabriel Abramson