the works

Il giuoco

Type: romanzo
Language: italiano
Year: 1950
Publisher: Garzanti
Place: Milano
Comments: Premio Charles Veillon


From the jacket of the Vallecchi edition , 1961.

This novel, published for the first time in 1950, presents itself again to the Italian public, after a minute and patient correction by the Author, who has, however, left basically untouched the work’s “narrative rhythm” , masterly and simple, able to evoke a magic air that does violence to the reader’s heart and mind. As it happened to all of Carlo Coccioli’s work, Il giuoco had an extraordinary success abroad, materializing in about ten translations (two, for example, in French, in Paris and Lausanne; two in Spanish, in Argentina and Mexico; and in German, in Swedish, in Norwegian, Portuguese etc.) . In 1951, the Italian text was awarded the first prize Charles Veillon:” a novel – the jury’s verdict said – that to the originality of the story and to the extraordinary, ruthless psychological tension created by the environment and the characters, adds valuable constructive and stylistic qualities, in a inspired and rich language.”
In his Journal, Carlo Coccioli speaks about the origin of this book: “ I wrote Il giuoco in two weeks after a stay in Urbino with the girl that was my love. It was a sort of fairy tale where nothing at all happened, and yet the most fantastic literature tells really poor trivialities in comparison with what I saw happen during those few days. An earthquake had shaken Sansepolcro, where my love knew the charm of an oldish house...I arrived at Urbino at dusk. The city crowned two hills, the sky was made pale by the wind. It was a wind freight with pollen, a crazy smell of blooming lime trees, and the whole city was run through by a flight of angels.
I ended up with finding my love, dressed as an angel, and spent nine days with her. Incomparable adventures filled that stay of prodigies . Then we left, she and I in the same coach: she got off at Sansepolcro, I continued on to Florence. I never saw her again. In Florence, I locked myself in my room in my old Arcetri house. From my window, open day and night, I would see the olive trees, the cypresses, a tower on the horizon, another tower closer, the dark colour of earth. And a bell would ring, and the bell lay under the silence. My dog barked from time to time...A bee would come into the room, then come out of it, my whitewashed room, bare, shining with light and silence. I would throw myself on the bed and watch the ceiling. The crickets’ voice followed that of cicadas. My room would be filled with the moon. I wrote Il giuoco.


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Le Jeu

Language: francés
Publisher: La Guilde du Livre
Place: Lausanne
Translator: Philippe Jaccotter del Italiano

Le Jeu - 1952

Language: francés
Publisher: Plon
Collection: Feux Croisés
Place: París
Translator: Philippe Jaccotter del Italiano

Das Spiel - 1952

Language: alemán
Publisher: Verlags-Anstalt
Place: Stuttgart
Translator: Deutsch von Fritz Jaffé

El juego - 1953

Language: español
Publisher: Emecé
Collection: Grandes Novelistas
Place: Buenos Aires
Translator: Hellen Ferro del italiano

Det stora spelet - 1953

Language: Suecia
Publisher: Hugo Gebers Forlag
Place: Stockholm
Translator: Karin De Laval

Et spill om kjaerlighet - 1954

Language: Noruega
Publisher: Forlag av Johan Grundt Tanum
Place: Oslo
Translator: Nic Stang del Italiano

Le Jeu - 1956

Language: francés
Publisher: Meilleur Livre du Mois
Place: París
Translator: Philippe Jaccotter del Italiano
Comments: Photos de Richard-Blin

Una historia de jóvenes - 1958

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Aurelio Garzón del Camino del Francés

O jogo - 1960

Language: portugues
Publisher: Ulisseia
Place: Lisboa
Translator: José Blanc de Portugal
Comments: prefácio del traductor

Il giuoco - 1961

Language: italiano
Publisher: Vallecchi
Place: Firenze
Comments: nuovo testo