the works

La Ville et le sang

Type: roman
Language: francés
Year: 1955
Publisher: Flammarion
Place: París


From the jacket cof the Heinemann edition, 1957

Spring ran through the life of the Town as blood runs hidden through the veins of man. It stirred young Luciano’s awakening manhood to hungry love for Giuditta; it quickened the curiosity of Signor Corrado and the vicarious lust of Armando. But nobody knew what went on in the heart and mind of Giuditta, the seventeen-year-old girl whom some called Christ’s courtesan and some a saint.
Several years before, when Giuditta was still a child, she had been taken from her poverty-stricken home to be at once the companion and the tortured victim of Signorina Garofani. Later, the old lady had been discovered lying dead in a pool of her own blood. The mystery of her death had never been solved, but from that time onwards Giuditta seemed obsessed by the idea of blood and of sacrifice to a spiritual ideal. For a nature such as hears Luciano’s heartly ardour had little meaning, and when at last she yielded to him it was for a strange reason, followed by a terrible sequel.
Carlo Coccioli writes with poetry and passion of these children of the Town. His descriptions of the fusion of bodily and spiritual love into one mystical experience, are gripping in their intensity.


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A cidade e o sangre - 1955

Language: portugues
Publisher: Ulisseia
Collection: Sucesos Literários
Place: Lisboa
Translator: Tomás Ribas
Comments: prologo de traductor. Ilustraciones de Otelo Azinhais

La ciudad y la sangre - 1955

Language: español
Publisher: Cía Gral de Ediciones
Collection: Ideas, Letras y Vida
Place: México
Translator: Aurelio Garzón del Camino del Francés

Daughter of the Town - 1957

Language: inglés
Publisher: W Heinemann
Place: London, Melbourne, Toronto
Translator: Mary McLean

Bodets makt - 1957

Language: Suecia
Publisher: Hugo Gebers Forlag
Place: Stockholm
Translator: Margareta Angstrom del frances

La Ville et le sang - 1973

Language: francés
Publisher: Fayard
Place: París
Comments: revu par l’Auteur.

La Ville et le Sang - 1995

Language: francés
Publisher: Le livre de Poche
Place: París
Comments: avec note Linda Le